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Illegal trade in wildlife was estimated to be worth as much as $US23 billion in 2014.

"Many echidnas for sale in south-east Asia are being falsely marketed as 'captive bred' often using fake paperwork."

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Pet quolls are practically useless for real-world conservation

"Ultimately, domesticating quolls is little more than a nice distraction from the bigger issue of conserving these species in a meaningful way."

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Born to be wild not domestic pets

"There is no conservation benefit to allowing more Australian native animals to be kept in captivity - just a tiny minority who prefer wildlife to be in cages or enclosures rather than enjoying a natural, wild life - and those who want to make a profit from the exploitation of 'unusual' pets, regardless of the misery that this may cause."

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Don't be fooled by social media - wild animals make terrible pets

"Exotic pets might seem appealing, but the reality is often smelly, difficult, and sometimes dangerous."

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Plan to allow Australian native animals to be kept as pets

"Keeping native animals as pets would be legalised under a plan put to the NSW government that would remove licence requirements for native birds, reptiles and some mammals and focus instead on educating pet owners. But the idea has been criticised on animal welfare grounds by wildlife protection groups, who are already dealing with sick kangaroos erroneously fed cows' milk and gliders dying after being fed fruit and bread. They argue native animals shouldn't become "another commodity"."

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Sugar gliders at the mercy of Amercians

"Australia's iconic sugar gliders are being bred and traded as domestic pets in the US where they sell for about $US220 ($A240) each. Vets are treating malnourished gliders for broken bones and chronic lethargy as clueless owners feed the creatures classic American fare - soft drink and hotdogs - instead of insects."

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The Not-So-Sweet Reality of the Sugar Glider Pet Trade

"Many people who buy sugar gliders on a whim come to realize that their home is simply an unsuitable environment for this type of animal. When kept as “pets,” they are denied everything that’s natural and meaningful to them—the companionship of their own species, fresh air, the outdoors, and the opportunity to climb or do almost anything other than pacing or sitting and peering out of a tiny cage."

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Why you can't keep native mammals as pets

"The best place for native animals is in the bush where they can live in their natural environment. Native mammals have special needs and do not thrive in confined domestic environments."

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